About The Platform

The founders of NewzoneEX aspire to augment the world of global commodities trading. By integrating cutting-edge technology, our platform will help eliminate inefficiencies, time delays, and operational risks associated with physical commodity trading.

The symbiosis between the different founders is synergetic as their backgrounds are distinctly diverse, from the technology sector to Wall Street. From this assortment of ideas and experiences emerged the concept of creating a global marketplace to trade physical commodities using blockchain technology.


NewzoneEX will completely revamp and optimize the platform developed by the previous team. The new management will enhance the entire process from scratch, right from issuing a more robust whitepaper to upgrading the technology architecture and employing better marketing strategies. We believe that the new platform has the potential to become a force to reckon with while also creating an impactful contribution to the world of trade and technology.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to launch the world's first multi-commodities Trading Exchange underpinned by Quorum blockchain, and become the preferred global platform where physical and tokenized commodities will be able to trade online effortlessly.

Furthermore, NewzoneEX aspires to provide the ability to manage the entire supply chain of the commodity transaction - from loading to discharge including the logistics, chain of custody, insurance, regulations, legal and financial elements to ensure congruity across the entire deal flow and the peripheral faculties associated with the trade.

The Future

In the beginning, the NewzoneEX platform will support the trade of Metals and Raw Materials. In time, we will expand our activities to include trading in Agricultural (Soft) and Energy commodities.

Our platform will help integrate new counterparties into the system effortlessly. Moreover, NewzoneEX will offer a complete solution to all stakeholders involved in the commodity trading sector.


About the ICO

The NewzoneEX ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will enable us to create a robust, secure and transparent trading platform and infrastructure. The funding will enable us to recruit the best talent and resources in the sector to continuously upgrade the technology and achieve the goals set forth.


The contemporary commodities trading sector is afflicted with the following challenges:

Fragmented Workflow

Commodity trading is a multi-layered industry involving a large number of agents. Hence it becomes difficult to coordinate tasks and increases costs.

Document-heavy Process

This sector is still dependent on paper trails to organize processes that are executed at a snail’s pace. This increases the wastage of precious time and resources incurred.

Prevalence of Fraud and Corruption

Factors such as insider trading, forging documents, and other malpractices are rampant which in turn prove detrimental to the growth of this sector.

Lack of Transparency

It is next to impossible for customers to access complete records and identify, which reduces accountability and encourages malicious individuals to create more fraud.

Difficulty in Procuring Finances

Commodity trading is a finance intensive activity and is not conducive to micro, small, and medium enterprises, and hampers the long-term growth of this industry.

Our Platform

NewzoneEX enables quicker trading, faster payments, and stores records in an immutable and secure manner. This eliminates instances of fraud while promoting an honest and egalitarian platform.

Users of our platform can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Unified Network: NewzoneEX saves time and resources by organizing all activities in the commodity exchange industry on a single platform.
  • Streamlined Regulation: NewzoneEX platform helps customers and regulators to authenticate goods and track orders without any hassles.
  • Simplified Payments: Customers can use NZTs to place trades, settle payments, and collect fees in a streamlined fashion to save on unnecessary costs.
  • Easy Documentation: Every transaction on the platform is recorded on the NewzoneEX blockchain in a chronological and secure format.
  • Transparent Trading: NewzoneEX allows users to access a platform that is 100% accountable and not susceptible to corruption or fraud.

Commodity Credits

On NewzoneEX, physical commodities are represented digitally as commodity credits. These credits are underpinned by distributed-ledger technology and enable users to buy and sell commodities with ease.

Better Liquidity

Credits fragment ownership of the commodity digitally that makes it easier to sell large assets.

No Restrictions

Credits allow users to trade with one another in real-time without any geographic limitations.

Faster Settlements

Credits combined with NZTs enable faster transaction and payment settlements.


Our Integrity And Transparency

Since inception, NewzoneEX is iron-willed in servicing clients with the highest degree of reliability, trustworthiness, and efficiency while upholding the best practices in business.

This is of paramount importance and the core values that will not be compromised.


Token Details

Token Symbol :


Token ICO Price :

1 NZT = 0.1 USD

Token Protocol :


Hard Cap (IN USD) :


Token For Sale :


Maximum Token Supply :

10 billion NZT

Payment Methods :


Fund Utilization

Fund Utilization
  • Platform Development - 40%
  • Marketing - 30%
  • Operations - 20%
  • Licensing, Legal, Advisory - 5%
  • Reserve - 5%

Token Allocation

  • Crowdsale - 25%
  • Team - 35%
  • Reserve - 40%
Road Map


Highly Coveted Team

Binoy Raja

Managing Director & CRO

Managing Director & CRO

Binoy Raja

Binoy is a veteran Senior Finance professional with more than 20 years of experience in Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank, London. There, he donned a variety of roles and performed them to perfection.

During his tenure at Deutsche Bank, he managed financial operations in an insightful, pragmatic, and regulatory manner, and consistently delivered in a dynamic and high-pressured environment. He functioned as the Head of European Cash and Equity Propriety Risk, and Head of Equities Business Finance Strategic and Regulatory Change, among other positions.

Furthermore, he also has experience as Assistant Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), London.

Binoy possesses excellent business acumen and excels at analyzing scenarios and providing effective solutions to enhance productivity and improve revenue.

Binoy graduated from the University of Bristol with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics & Accounting.

Dominic Aslan



Dominic Aslan

Dominic ("Dom") dropped out to embark on a venerated career in Information Technology. From his early years as a technical support resource for CompuServe, Dom has worked up the ladder through server support, Technical engineer, Team manager, and Architect, Project Manager to Chief Technology Officer.

Dom was then recruited to work for Nestlé in Lausanne, Switzerland ultimately taking charge of their global data center managing Nestlé's over 14,000 servers. Dom was then recruited to be the Head of IT at ED&F Man, an established agricultural commodities trading house. At ED& F Man, Dom built on his expertise to manage commodity-based IT systems and went on to become the Head of IT and Chief Information Security Officer for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Moises Michan Portillo



Moises Michan Portillo

Moises (“Moi”) has an expansive resume from trading Fixed Income, Foreign Currency, and Commodities at some of the most respected Wall Street financial institutions.

Moi embarked on his career at JP Morgan’s Corporate High Yield desk in New York on the High Yield Bond issuances and leveraged loan syndication desk, engaging with some of the largest corporates in the United States.

Moi was subsequently recruited by Goldman Sachs’ Foreign Currency (FX) and Commodities platform in Princeton, New Jersey. At Goldman Sachs, Moi was involved in trading FX, FX Options and Commodities, in particular, trading the firm’s Metals book. He then moved to Citi’s FX desk initially covering the Latin American banks based out of New York. Ultimately, Moi was responsible for both Latin America and Citi’s European Banks coverage based out of London.

Moi’s extensive trading knowledge and experience are instrumental to NEXT Technologies.

Moi graduated from New York University, and fluent in Spanish, French and manages to communicate in Italian as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

The people around the world are more familiar with traditional centralized commodity exchanges. Centralized exchanges provide an unfair advantage to co-located servers, have higher fees, and are prone to hacks, theft, and spoofing as well as malicious guerilla algorithms. NewzoneEX is here with a brilliant solution that based on blockchain to address all the problems of traditional centralized exchanges.
NewzoneEX Token (NZT) leverages the power of the Quorum consortium blockchain to optimize processes. Blockchain technology enjoys the following advantages:

Decentralized: Blockchains are spread over large networks which make them immune to localized attacks.

Transparency: Every transaction on the network is stored in an immutable and chronological fashion, and can be accessed by permissioned agents.

Trustless Network: Blockchains emphasizes on independence and peer-to-peer sharing which eliminates the supervision by third-party regulators.

By providing a new digitized platform for commodities exchange using crypto and fiat currency. NewzoneEX wants to revolutionize the commodity trading industry. This digitized platform provides secured transactions with the help of blockchain technology. Users can quickly trade commodity futures and options on a reliable and interactive platform that integrates the best payment methods.

NewzoneEX also provides an instance of its platform to all the other commodity sellers. These sellers can buy the instance from NewzoneEX by providing an amount of NZTs.
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