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New Zone is a blockchain based trading platform for a $10 trillion dollar commodities industry ensuring authentic trades, minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

$400 Million

$1 Billion



About the company

New Zone Intertrade FZE, headquartered in UAE, is a diversified global conglomerate focused on the trading of metals and raw materials. After successful years in physical trading, We have an ambitious plan to create a global marketplace in Commodities and to do this we need to create a unified trading platform.

Well, that’s why we wish to develop a trading platform which helps everyone trade commodities with cryptocurrencies. Of course, since it’s us, we are the first ever commodity trading platform who have planned to collaborate cryptocurrency with commodity trading. Blockchain technology makes this trading platform reach greater heights and help in the complete transparency of transactions.

New Zone Intertrade

New Zone very soon plans to enter into energy and soft commodities trading. Incorporated in the year 2008 by Siddharth Khatwani, the company is based in the Hamryah free zone establishment and registered with Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, Government of Sharjah, UAE, under license no.4340 (with effect from) September 3, 2008. The registered office of the company is E-LOB Office No. E87G- 15, PO Box 50549, Hamriyah Free Zone - Sharjah, UAE.

Currently, we have two wholly owned subsidiaries :

  • New Alloys Trading Pte Ltd, Singapore

  • Mine Craft Limited, Hong Kong

New Zone Tokens

Our mission

Our mission is to create the world's first Commodities Trading Exchange based on the blockchain. We intend to make Blockchain our ally to ease the trade of commodity trading.

Our trading platform will enable users to use New Zone Tokens for the trade of Commodities. Our Mission is to facilitate the trading of commodities around the world along with providing white-label solutions to different traders.

Our vision

We will not be limiting ourselves with hard commodities, this digitalization will help us reach more people with Agricultural and Energy based commodities.

A big step will be the incorporation of ETF’s using New Zone Tokens, for our retail investors. The whole process is a little tricky, but we are ready to face every challenge that comes our way.

One noteworthy feature that we focus on is the availability of the White Label franchise which will be started once the project completes its second phase.

Crypto Commodity Trading
Commodity Trading

About the ICO

We have a clear vision as to why we are raising funds. Right from the creation of a robust Trading Platform to hiring the right talent for technological development, we have our goals set.

New Zone Tokens will be given during the ICO period and we are raising funds to create a Trading platform. Our goal is quite simple; creating a platform that provides a frictionless transition of the high and mighty commodities with intangible cryptocurrencies.


Here’s a look at the challenges faced by traditional commodity trading avenues.

  • Traditional Methods of Trading have the problem of delayed transactions. Sometimes 3 to 4 days.

  • Erosion of Profits due to stronger competition and higher liquidity.

  • Involvement of middle-men.

  • No white-label options for budding traders.

Commodity Trading Platform
Crypto Commodity Trading Platform


With Blockchain Technology Transactions take place real-time and there’s no option of corruptibility. Once our Trading platform is ready we will be providing white label options to our traders. We will be taking care of liquidity by collaborating with Ethereum platform.

After successful years in physical trading, we have an ambitious plan to create a global marketplace for commodities and to create a unified trading platform to achieve this.

Our integrity and transparency

New Zone’s dedication in giving our clients' world-class service is expressed in everything we do.

We aim to give every counterparty assured performance in terms of reliability, trust, efficiency, and quality without compromising on our business ethics. Simply put, we pride ourselves on our business practices.

Soft Commodity Trading

A young company with abundant industry and regional experience

The New Zone Group has recruited a talented management team with an exceptional combined track record coupled with a “can do” attitude.

They bring with them a wide-ranging network of industry relationships and the trust they have earned over the years from numerous business partnerships.

We leverage the collective experience, relationships and knowledge of our team into a seamless and collaborative organization with the ability to manage our risks efficiently.

Energy Based Commodity Platform
Hard Commodity Trading

Spanning the world

The New Zone Group is headquartered in Dubai, at the heart of perhaps the most economically dynamic region on Earth. This supports our business focus on expansion within the world’s fastest-growing markets.

In addition to Dubai, the group and its subsidiaries operate out of offices in Hong Kong and Singapore enabling us to provide clients anywhere in the world with real-time coverage in all key markets at all times.

Token details

Payment Methods BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, BCH

Project Protocol Ethereum ERC20

Token Symbol NZ

Token ICO price 1NZ - 0.3USD

Token for sale 3.3 billion Tokens

Hard Cap (USD) $1 Billion

Soft Cap (USD) $400 Million

Maximum Supply 5 billion

Fund utilisation

Token Allocations

Road Map

Organizing Bounty/Community Programs

November 2018

Raise USD 1 Billion through ICO

December 2018

Build a digital commodity Exchange

January 2019

Allow franchises to leverage our liquidity and orderbook

April 2019

Go public with the status of market leader

July 2020


Founder & Promoter

Chief Financial Advisor

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Risk Officer


The people around the world are more familiar with the traditional centralized commodity exchanges. Centralized exchanges provide unfair advantage to co-located servers, have higher fees and are prone to hacks, theft and spoofing as well as malicious guerilla algorithms. New Zone is here with a brilliant solution based on blockchain to address all the problems of traditional centralized exchanges.

NZ Coin makes use of Smart Contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain. A smart contract is software that runs not on a single server or a Cloud, but simultaneously on all nodes of the Ethereum world computer.

Decentralization: No single point of control or failure.

  • Transparency: the protocol is implemented in an open-source Smart Contract that anyone can audit at any time.

  • Reliability: the Ethereum protocol ensures that the smart contract reliably executes exactly as written and identically for everyone.

  • Disintermediation: Direct transfer of value between users and the smart contract reduces friction and operational costs. This also allows for micro-payments for commodities speeding up the cash flow.

By providing a new digitized platform for commodities exchange using the fiat and crypto coins. New Zone wants to revolutionize commodity exchanges. This digitized platform provides secured transactions with the help of blockchain technology. It provides individuals/institutions a reliable and convenient platform to quickly trade commodities/futures and options with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence. Initially more than 10 cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange including Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other altcoins.

New Zone also provides an instance of their platform to all the other commodity sellers. These sellers can buy the instance from New Zone by providing some amount of NZ coins.

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