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NewzoneEX is a blockchain based trading platform primarily to cater $10 trillion global commodities industry. This pioneering platform provides the authenticity and transparency which are imperative for global trade, while ensuring a cost effective solution and maximizing the profits of these transactions.

$400 Million

$1 Billion



About the company

The founders of NewzoneEX aspire to augment the world of global commodities trading by adopting cutting edge technology in an ardent effort to purge out inefficiencies, time delays and operational risks that are frequent in trading physical commodities.

The symbiosis between the founders is enigmatic as their experiences are distinctly diverse, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, but it is in that assortment of ideas and fantasies emerged the concept of creating a global marketplace to trade physical commodities using Blockchain Technology.

New Zone Intertrade

To consummate this ambitious goal, a highly venerated and experienced team is managing this initiative to build an open architecture platform where the functions operate in congruity, while introducing cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment option.

Commodity trading is document heavy, time sensitive, requires swift engagement with multiple counterparties from Banks, Shipping Companies, Supplier’s, Buyer’s, Insurance etc. In an industry where proficiency, transparency and time are paramount, Blockchain technology unequivocally provides a seamless and secure platform, automating and cataloguing a multitude of functions, massively reducing the risk of fraud and human error.

New Zone Tokens

Our mission

Our mission is to champion the creation of the world's first blockchain based Commodities Trading Exchange optimizing Blockchain to provide consonance amongst all transacting parties, enabling users to use NewzoneEX tokens to buy and sell commodities.

We are determined to ensure that NewzoneEX is not only another name in the Commodities Exchange but a name to reckon with, chronicled in the ledgers of history for its impactful contribution to the world of trade and technology.

The Future

Presently, the platform will support Metals and Raw Materials but in the short term, we intend to expand our activities into trading Agricultural (Soft) and Energy commodities. This technology will further aid us in establishing relations with new counterparties with great ease.

We intend to provide a white-label solution to small and mid-sized commodity trading partners that adhere to our compliant procedures and policies.

In time, our ambition is to cater to retail clients by offering ETFs.

Crypto Commodity Trading
Commodity Trading

About the ICO

The launch of the ICO will provide NewzoneEX the capital to complete and enhance the robustness of the Trading Platform and infrastructure. It will also enable the company to expand its team to continuously upgrade the technology and achieve the goals set forth.

Capital will also be required to expand into the Soft and Energy commodities trading, recruiting astute and experienced trading team, along with increasing the compliance and legal team to ensure that all aspects of the business are pliant.


The primary challenges at present in the commodities trading business are:

  • Document heavy process creating delays of up to 3 to 4 days.

  • Commodity trades are highly risk mitigated and historically have very low default rates but 80% of defaults are due to fraud and human error. The NewzoneEX platform provides further efficiency to drastically reduce the risks of fraud and human error!!

  • Erosion of profits due to stronger competition, middlemen, time delays, fraud and human errors. A robust technological platform provides an open architecture, eliminating middlemen, reduce delays and the inherent risks, ultimately benefiting the final consumer.

  • No white-label options for budding traders at present. NewzoneEX will offer a solution to compliant traders.

Commodity Trading Platform
Crypto Commodity Trading Platform


With Blockchain Technology transactions take place in real-time and there is no chance for the system to be corrupted. The liquidity will be ascertained by collaborating with the Ethereum platform.

As the market adapts to utilizing NewzoneEX tokens, financing costs and charges will be reduced to almost eliminated. Reduction or elimination of many costs will unequivocally allow traders on the platform to provide the most competitive pricing.

Our integrity and transparency

Since inception, NewzoneEX is iron-willed in servicing clients with the highest degree of reliability, trustworthiness, efficiency while upholding the best practices in business.

This is of paramount importance and the core values that will not be compromised.

Soft Commodity Trading

Highly coveted team

The NewzoneEX ‘s core strength lies in the adroitness and experience of our team, the extensive geographical and product diversification, trading and logistical expertise, supported by robust financial and risk management.

The team at NewzoneEX is a syncretic group of raw material and metals traders, Silicon Valley technologists, Wall Street bankers alongside a highly experienced commodities IT team.

The pedigree of the team invites some of the best resources available to ensure the successful execution of this innovative platform leveraging off their collective experience, relationship and vast knowledge.

Energy Based Commodity Platform

Token details

Payment Methods BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, BCH

Project Protocol Ethereum ERC20

Token Symbol NZ

Token ICO price 1NZ - 0.3USD

Token for sale 3.3 billion Tokens

Hard Cap (USD) $1 Billion

Soft Cap (USD) $400 Million

Maximum Supply 5 billion

Fund utilisation

Token Allocations

Road Map

Organizing Bounty/Community Programs

November 2018

Raise USD 1 Billion through ICO

December 2018

Build a digital commodity Exchange

January 2019

Allow franchises to leverage our liquidity and orderbook

April 2019

Go public with the status of market leader

July 2020


The people around the world are more familiar with the traditional centralized commodity exchanges. Centralized exchanges provide unfair advantage to co-located servers, have higher fees and are prone to hacks, theft and spoofing as well as malicious guerilla algorithms. New Zone is here with a brilliant solution based on blockchain to address all the problems of traditional centralized exchanges.

NZ Coin makes use of Smart Contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain. A smart contract is software that runs not on a single server or a Cloud, but simultaneously on all nodes of the Ethereum world computer.

Decentralization: No single point of control or failure.

  • Transparency: the protocol is implemented in an open-source Smart Contract that anyone can audit at any time.

  • Reliability: the Ethereum protocol ensures that the smart contract reliably executes exactly as written and identically for everyone.

  • Disintermediation: Direct transfer of value between users and the smart contract reduces friction and operational costs. This also allows for micro-payments for commodities speeding up the cash flow.

By providing a new digitized platform for commodities exchange using the fiat and crypto coins. New Zone wants to revolutionize commodity exchanges. This digitized platform provides secured transactions with the help of blockchain technology. It provides individuals/institutions a reliable and convenient platform to quickly trade commodities/futures and options with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence. Initially more than 10 cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange including Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other altcoins.

New Zone also provides an instance of their platform to all the other commodity sellers. These sellers can buy the instance from New Zone by providing some amount of NZ coins.

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